We offer material components and concepts for:

  1. Leakage sealants for fluid chemicals
  2. Trowel ready mortars
  3. Dry mortars in bags or bulk
  4. Flow screeds based on cement (FSC)
  5. Floorings with polymers
  6. Concrete adhesives
  7. Fiber reinforced materials
  8. Self compacting concrete (SCC)
  9. Ultra high performance concrete (UHPC)
  10. Special binders based on cement
  11. Recycling and secondary materials

Product sheets:

Product range of concrete additives, CE-signed acc. to EN 934


Application Properties

APROMAC PLAST K 7 (liquid)
Universal superplasticiser for
ready-mixed concrete and
prefabricated units. Reduces
water, cement and improves
APROMAC PLAST L 77K (liquid)
Universal plasticiser for ready- 
mixed concrete. Reduces water,
cement and improves consistency.
APROMAC Retarder N (liquid)
Universal retarder for concrete
with extended time of workability.
With plasticising effect.
APROMAC Retarder C1-N (liquid)
Retarder for the concreting of
engineering constructions like
bridges, high rise buildings etc.
with compressive strengths of
more than 30 N/mm².
APROMAC LP-M1 (liquid)
Universal air entraining agent for
roads and other traffic areas with
high resistance against freezing
and thawing. 
APROMAC Stabiliser L4 (powder)
Special product for concrete,
screed and mortar. Prevents
segregation and bleeding of
water. Especially for concrete
pumped over long distances,
underwater concrete and exposed
precast elements for architectural
Please ask for more information about additives, special mix designs for concrete such as proposals for lower costs and increasing quality.